Victus Spiritus


Each Day Begins with a Miracle

19 Feb 2010

It's only natural to take life and good health for granted. The moment we awaken is bundled with an array of tasks. Habit and ritual drives us out of bed, never with a spare moment to reflect on all the miracles that brought us this far. Sadly, we recognize the precious value of life only when it is threatened.

On the molecular scale each human shares a dizzying history of gene regulatory networks, tracking back to inception. Stretching further back in time, DNA codes have evolved over hundreds of millions years. The miracle of our life code is that is has growing information capacity. Trillions of cells all work in unison to grow and sustain humans. Our bodies are miraculous systems, they deserve a tip of the hat every now and then.

On the macro scale many generations precede ours, compounding the miracle of existence. Over time, humanity shapes the environment to be more hospitable to survival*, but looking back to our ancestors, the reverse trend holds true. War, harsh climates,physical demands, and predators have extinguished the fire of many lives.

Taking time to contemplate the marvel of our existence may be the task of philosophers, but only fools would deny the miracle of life. I have faith that we will leverage every ounce of information evolution has instilled into our being; not just as insurance for future survival, but to improve the quality of life for all beings. Utopia is a challenge that dares us to try, not an end goal.

* The trend describing the quality of life is an open question