Victus Spiritus


Negative Spaces

24 Feb 2010

Time is a precious resource that we fill up with activities. If there's an opening in our schedule, we have little difficulty finding something to fill that space. But our full attention isn't available at each waking moment, it needs time to recharge like our bodies. Much like a rise or fall in income affects one's lifestyle, a change in free time is spent as quickly as it appears.

There is another way to view our daily activity flow, and that is to concentrate on the negative spaces. Free or open time is a vital component of our well being. We can apply the popular design pattern of minimalism to our schedules in a healthy and focused way. It's a simple pruning pattern to create negative space:

Creating Negative Spaces Enhances Your Presence When Active

Now for the payoff. Reap the rewards of carefully protecting your open time, by having a much greater focus and presence when it is most vital. As you improve awareness of the value of your activities, the balance and flow of active and open time will become tools at your disposal. You can measure precisely how much negative time you need before an important event or moment to be unstoppable.