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The Stark Contrast of Enthusiasm versus Apathy

26 Feb 2010

What is it that triggers us to be apathetic about some tasks, but absolutely manic about others? To each challenge, we attach an unconscious importance and interest reaction. For me, the right combination of task qualities makes or breaks my effort. These are the driving features and ideal fuel to elicit my finest work.

I'd like to hear back in the comments about what are your personal ideal task qualities.

Focused Enthusiasm Moves Mountains

The archtype of enthusiasm is the startup founder. You can't fake enthusiasm for life. One quality I see in common to every successful startup leadership team is genuine energy. Sink or swim, the movers of new business explore opportunity spaces with wreckless abandon. The source of their drive and energy isn't a mystery though. Reinforcing enthusiasm is the result of pursuing a passion with the majority of their vital energy. Entrepreneur's don't have the monopoly on enthusiasm though.

I've witnessed the same zeal in professers deeply researching a special project, teachers connecting to eager students, and students who become infected by their teacher's energy. In fact enthusiasm finds a way of manifesting in the most unexpected places. Mike Rowe has shown the world a wide range of "dirty jobs" with enthusiastic workers. The thread which links each case is the harmony of an individual's needs with their life work.

Another hypothesis is that a few individuals bring incredible energy and enthusiasm to any task they decide to work on. I find this to be a likely scenario after a person harmonizes with an ideal calling. Once they find a way to unlock their best energy, they gain the ability to wield it against any challenge they come up against. If you're one of these fortunate souls, I'd like to talk to you about a mountain I need moved.