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The Sizzling NYC Startup Interview Series, First On Deck: StockTwits

20 Mar 2010

I had the good fortune this past week of speaking with Leigh Drogen of StockTwits to get an inside look at the mastermind lair they have setup in Manhattan. More importantly, I was able to discover some of the key aspects of StockTwits that make itĀ irresistibleĀ to it's fanatical user base, and hopefully pass some of this understanding on to other interested proto-founders, curious StockTwits fans, and other traders who may not have heard of this fun way to share tips.


History of StockTwits + Why Every Trader Can find Critical Value on the Web Service

Where StockTwits is Headed Next, Datamining their Stream of Curated Information

Big thanks to Howard Lindzon for helping me set this up, the StockTwits team for hosting the interview space, and Leigh Drogen for giving a dynamite inside interview.