Victus Spiritus


Seize Moments of Opportunity, Doubling Down

31 Mar 2010

In the past few days I've come across a great way to invest in the future of Victus Media, the open source community, and (tech) journalists with one three sided shiny nickel :). Tyler's been busy swimming upstream with the the Salmon protocol, and crafting an open source Ruby implementation of While he's in the zone it's better I let him keep on cranking than distract him with any interruptions. That gave me some time to work on landing pages for social feed browsing as well as laying out a simple point system which will reward users for tagging content in their streams (and other constructive activities). Spammers can be identified by distributed moderation (anyone can flag an abuser, friendfeed has a great implementation of this).

A couple of days back I contacted Silicon Dragon (SDr), the most accomplished wave programmer I know to get his feedback on a curation tool idea. I'm now planning to make a technology investment by hiring SDr for a temporary project. The result of this work will be an open source, wave based feed curation framework. The great part of this investment is not only our startup can benefit, but hopefully many other tech companies, hackers, and our favorite tech bloggers. We also hope to do plenty of future work with SDr who's a sharp programmer and has his eyes on building sustainable businessess.

If you'd like to see some of Silicon Dragon's work, check out He was building the automated crowd filtering index of wave when I was building an old school table of contents ;). Alas wave had problems at 1600-1700 collaborators of the Wave Guide and my social filter ran out of steam.