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The Carrot or the Stick? Daniel Pink Says Neither

14 Apr 2010

As a proto-founder and inspiration blogger Dan's TED talk caught my interest from a couple of directions. Happiness, enthusiasm, productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction are all concepts that I mull over on any given day. Plus I had this video embedded in a draft at home and it's 30 degrees so my fingers are going numb from typing on my phone. Enjoy!

Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Motivators

There could be a correlation between the stress response induced from heavily rewarded behavior, and the procedural thinking that dominates focused, predictable work. It's pretty shocking to hear that rewards can diminish performance.

Here's the priorities Daniel Pink describes as optimal:

Another cool work philosophy covered by Dan:

ROWE: results only work enviornment

Thanks to Dave's much better write up of on this topic for clueing me in.