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Ars Vox is Professional Blogs to Ebooks

24 Apr 2010

Early last year I spent a few weeks gathering a number of my early blog posts into an ebook format (3 Steps to Satisfaction). It took me several weeks of part time work, and the final format was less than professional. Sure there are plenty of tools to aid manual conversion of ebook formats, but they have annoying glitches and require plenty of hands on editing to wade through. For my next blog to ebook* I’ve decided to go with a pro, and that decision has never been easier.

A life long^ friend of mine is leveraging his design skills in an area that myself and many others need a hand with: professionally converting blogs and books to various ebook formats. Aakin has over a decade of experience doing professional layout work for convention pamplets, books, and has added blog editing and conversion at my request. Trust me when I write that he is a wizard of formatting prowess. We’ll soon be releasing a free game book showing off his skills (he co-authored and edited COTA). I invite you to explore the details and negotiate specifics of your project or conversion at Ars Vox. It’s as easy as sending an email, and covering a few hours of modest labor.

This simple act will:

If you have any project that requires professional layout and design, Ars Vox is the perfect way to get it done.


*= I’m considering spinning two ebooks out of last years posts from April ‘09-10

^= after 15 years of being a close friend, you get the life long friend status to conceal my rapidly increasing age ;) . Aakin and I have been like brothers since college around 1992.