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Netflix Designs for a Darwinian Corporate Culture

28 Apr 2010

Netflix takes a bold new approach to corporate growth strategy described this slide deck:

Plenty of points of debate, for instance the paying at the top of the market price for an employee is preemptive genius. Plan to have the best staff, and grow with that assumption. I believe Netflix may be pushing execution and performance too far, which inspires a culture of backstabbing when catastrophe hits. Teams need to count on each other under intense stress, and that network focus wasn't weaved into the message. Managers appear to have supreme authority in market adjusting salaries, firing and promotions. On the bright side the controlled chaos approach Netflix takes towards innovation and execution is like looking into the future of corporate growth. As a frame of reference, Google's 20% self directed time and generous salaries are a neighboring corporate culture to Netflix.

I was never interested in team competitive sports as a kid (I couldn't take the coaches job). My take away from the slide deck is to better understand the positive motivators that went into their cultural design strategy, and apply what best fits with my own startup plans.