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Even Geniuses Run Off of Cliffs

04 May 2010

Wiley E. Coyote, grand ACME customer & self identified super genius

Unquestionable Assumptions

This short post is dedicated to my brother who questions everything, yet has faith in outlandish and wild possibilities. We're more similar than different in this regard

At the core of even complex solutions there lie principle assumptions which are never questioned. Even broaching the sanctity of the fundametal tenets is considered heresy in most established fields of science and technology.

Innovation can only flourish if we both learn from and vigorously assault the rational of existing standards. I find the practice of identifying and analyzing these inherent assumptions to be an incredible source of creativity, inspiration, and learning. To accept assumptions without question, indefinitely, is a hazardous sign of intellectual laziness Even the fairly benign and stable criteria of jogging along the ground, will inevitably lead to running off of a cliff.

Today I'm requesting that each of you review just one standard that you rely on with an open mind. Critically examine the assumptions, and more importantly the limitations that the standard is founded on. You may find that they're all completely valid. Or you may discover a tiny opening, a chip in the armor, anything that doesn't quite sit well with your reasoning. What impacts and restrictions does this false assumption place on the defacto standard? What new opportunities or standards are now practical? You have the enviable task of fighting uphill to convince the world you're right. Don't sweat the critics, if you're on the right track heretics like myself will spring out of the wood work to lend a hand. Seriously, we hang out in the walls waiting and wrestling with our own unquestionable assumptions.