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Like Features, Like Dueling Banjos

30 May 2010

Two talented friends, Kevin Marshall and Brian Hendrickson are hacking out solutions to an open sentiment format in the wake of Facebook's Open Graph and Like feature. A community project, has come up with yet another implementation of distributed sentiment sharing.

Kevin Marshall's Like Feature is an open system and web service for sentiment on the web.
LikeFeature strives to make sentiment data itself open and available
and is 100% inspired by

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">LIKEFEATURE.Widget()</script>

How is LikeFeature different than
OpenLike strives to make adding a 'like' feature from any existing service (such as facebook or hunch) simple.
LikeFeature strives to make the actual sentiment data itself open and available to everyone.
What this subtle difference actually means is that LikeFeature designed to be a generic service or option of

Brian Hendrickson's RSSLike implementation

RSS Like
a single, combined open source Like button that updates Buzz, Facebook and Twitter all with one click

RSS Like uses the following technologies among others:
- activity 1.0
- rss 2.0
- oauth 1.0a

currently testing a wordpress plug-in, keep an eye on -- should be available today or tomorrow.

Dueling Banjos

The variations of sentiment tracking on the web triggered an image of dueling banjos (I've never seen Deliverance).