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Corporate HQ in Paradise

02 Jun 2010

Two Tickets to Paradise

Honeymooning on Maui has inspired my imagination with delusions of grandeur. The potential corporation I struggle to lay the bedrock for once again has drawn a large part of my curiousity. This time the corporate culture's relation to location is the topic of interest. If we can pursue our passions and earn a generous income with a business of our own design, why not do so in a tropical paradise?


Forging a tech company at an island paradise faces all the usual obstacles plus a few problems unique to remote destinations.

Fantasy or Goal?

Given the above consderations is it possible to forge a tech company in a tropical location? Sure. But the best framework for a business based in remote locations is one that is distributed. Something like Automattic's (the company behind Wordpress) global infrastructure with employees working from all over the world fits a tropical corporate HQ. As the company grows a couple of offices for centralized activities with development team members spread out suits a web/tech based company. Unlike automobile factories, information companies can work together from anywhere with access and a handful of modern collaboration tools.