Victus Spiritus


Adjusting to Paradise

03 Jun 2010

In the past two days, I've undergone a drastic shift in my perspective of vacations. The changes were brought on by traveling to the gorgeous island of Maui. Just getting here was an exhausting 14 hours of sitting. I'll take a good hike any day over extended sit sessions. We arrived to soothing air and gorgeous weather. Even though Maui and her locals have given us a warm reception there are some difficulties that are detracting from my enjoyment of the trip.

After three nights on the island, I have yet to get a good nights sleep. It's just not my home. At our home on Long Island we have a king sized tempur pedic mattress on the floor, at out hotel here we sleep on a "normal" queen sized spring bed about 3 feet off the ground. It will take me some time to become adjusted to the new sleeping conditions. My mom said I could never sleep while I was out with her as a baby, I always needed to go back to my crib. Thirty six years later this hasn't changed. It takes me a while to feel at home in a new place.

Michelle and I haven't had any luck finding a good hike. We have found gorgeous mini walks (1 mile scenic walks) but nothing on the 3-4 hour walking in paradise we had imagined. We'll rectify this tragedy today ;).

We've been out walking for an hour and I feel much better. A few more hours walking and I should be able to mellow out by beach and pool the rest of the day!