Victus Spiritus


Small Changes Provide Big Opportunities to the Next Gen

05 Jun 2010

While enjoying a breakfast suited for kings, I pondered the paths our lives take based on location and social networks of opportunity. The decisions our parents make form the foundation for our early development. Likewise our life decisions provide paths for our children. As young folks progress into adulthood we impart a sensation of freedom to them. They learn that their decisions and determination can greatly influence their future. The greater the variety of choices we can offer young folks, the better.

Part of me wants to create unlimited opportunities for any generations that follow me*. A balancing concern is a desire to not spoil my kids. It's vital that they understand the value in working towards goals, and the satisfaction of achievement. The most important thing we can pass on to our young is a healthy respect for the freedom of choices. Although we live in a free society, financial wealth provides liberties far beyond those guaranteed by law.

A large portion of our time is spent in building "better" lives for ourselves, our families, and our friends. It's silly yet sobering to consider how small decisions now can have broad ramifications on the lives of those who come after us. Tiny changes now eminate outward to the future, like never ending waves on the ocean. Some grow in size over time and are reinforced by the decisions and dedication of others.

*= not just my own kids if/when I have any