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Network Economy, Rising Tides, and Positive Vibes

06 Jun 2010

Yesterday was a day of rest, relaxing, and recovery in Maui. I caught up with a few blog posts from friends while Michelle caught up on sleep. Here's my response to what's happening

Links to Posts Mentioned

Brett Slatkin thinks over Rising Tides

Louis Gray says no to negativity

Dewitt Clinton calls out spotty sources & the Houdini trick of guessing motivations

Spotty Sources & Motivation Guessing

There's a great difference between estimating and presuming knowledge of motivation. Estimating motivation is a fascinating challenge. And testing hypothesized rationale by comparing them to actions, is a method of learning. Matching behavior to motivation is a great way to understand people. And like it or not, blogs are a great sounding board to test hypotheses and get rapid feedback from other folks that share interests. I don't see motivational guessing going away anytime soon. But authors should certainly endeavor to make clear their estimated versus known motivations as a best practice.

Louis is Sick of Negative Nancies

Louis guzzles a flood of net info, and even with my much smaller draught I hit the negative wall fairly often. Whenever needed, I simply unplug from reading most sites for a few days and refresh my perspective. There's only so much tearing down you can put up with before it starts affecting the way you think. Louis wants to know what's happening without repeatedly running into buzzkills. See, I'm estimating Louis' motivations already.

Rising Tides & Network Economies

After hundreds if not thousands of hours reading, brainstorming, writing and dreaming about wealth, value, and information connectivity I'm a little past amateur in the area of network economies. My thinking here is heavily influenced by Kevin Kelly's New Rules for the New Economy. Businesses that foster and profit from increased network connectivity are poised to dominate the next several decades. The economy is certainly not a zero sum game. Competitive businesses that assume a zero sum economy artificially limit their potential to the ceiling of their presumed competitors. Winning business strategies will transcend short sighted ideologies, with massive benefits going to those who embrace and enrich their neighbors and master alignment with network growth.