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Persona Polarizes

11 Jun 2010

Just a couple of days ago, my long time friend Nate had a bit of a social web run in on Buzz with popular tech blogger Robert Scoble.

I regularly read and enjoy commenting back to Robert at and on various social sites, as well as reference his work here on occassion. I appreciate his focus on video quantity (over editing/production quality) and concentration on the message of the interviewee. But it turns out that some folks don't appreciate his style or persona. There will always be personality issues surrounding opinionated folks with rapidly changing views. This is a fact of producing content that we must accept. We're going to rub some people the wrong way (I have angered my fair share of redditors and HackerNews commenters with posts). But this post isn't about getting angry at bloggers, it's about persona and sharing more of my own here.

This blog is not just how I think, it represents who I am

Nate also suggested I share more of my personality on this blog. But this is hard to do for startup/tech based content and more philosophical ideas. So I'll begin the best way I can, and that's by sharing my personal video and photo blog (linked above or at If you'd like to see stand alone posts starting with my honeymoon with Michelle, they begin here June 1st. I hope you enjoy the video shorts and images as much as Michelle and I already have.