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Bloated Wireless Phone Bills

17 Jun 2010

We need more power kiptin

For the second time in two months my iPhone 3Gs battery failed to take a charge. The guys at the store were helpful but I'm not a big fan of having no phone (mobile net access) for a day and waiting around the store to talk to an "Apple Genius". I've been planning on picking up an Android phone for a long time now and the recent power failures prompted me to action.

All Hail the HTC EVO, or Not

After reading about the power slurping EVO, I was concerned with making a bad situation worse but since the battery is replaceable and extra batteries go for $45 bucks, I figured it was worth considering. I didn't want any strings attached to my mobile computing platform so I told the Sprint Cellular sales guy that I would pay full cover price ($449) for the device. Don't get me wrong, that's a substantial amount of money, considering my bank account is recouperating from a wedding/honeymoon. But not having any weasel contracts and peace of mind is worth a couple of hundred bucks. It turns out even at full price to begin a Sprint plan I have to agree to a 2 year debt. No thanks. Enough with the phone contracts, hidden costs, surchages, and bogus fees.

Fuck Wireless Phone Plans

Pardon my emotional outburst but I'm pretty sick of the cost per bit cellular companies are charging. Between shoddy AT&T coverage and recent rate hikes (price per bit is going up to all new data users), and uncalled for lock in by contracts (all of the providers - except Tmobile thanks Denny), the entire wireless industry is full of shit. My electricity and gas bills are equivalent. Does it really cost $100-120 per month to provide wireless information routing and transfer?

One alterantive I'm strongly considering is any smart phone/or hand held pc without a phone plan and buying the cheapest tethering node for a flat monthly fee ($60). I can use Skype and Google voice for my phone service or just give up on a phone number entirely. Why isn't there a Skype device taking advantage of these lower costs to consumers?