Victus Spiritus


if you want to live comfort eagle, go the distance

05 Jul 2010

What better way to map the founder's quest than into music? While getting ready to race out the door this morning, and hike the LI beaches before the ground metamorphs into lava flows (yeah it's hot), I decided the fastest way to capture and convey my thoughts were with a little Cake.

The Distance

For me this life isn't about the stuff I was born with (and I've been very fortunate), it's about the stuff I forge myself into. Expect the message of endurance to keep echoing out of my mind and onto this blog in various abstractions.

Comfort Eagle

Comfort Eagle is but one potential outcome of the founder. The commercialization of the web is the road we travel to a connected world. The attachment of financial value to the social creations we cook up is the hallmark of our society. Shared value is no small thing in our world.