Victus Spiritus


I'm a Founder First

14 Jul 2010

Sharpening Round Edges

I'm not an engineer
I'm a filthy hacker trying to Macgyver my way to a first product

I'm not a designer
I desperately dream up just enough flow to keep folks from cursing at our stuff for 10 seconds

I'm not a psychologist
I crawl cognitive posts to look for any leverage I can bake into a product.

I'm not a fan
I ritually read through diverse sources of information for topics I need to know. I may deeply appreciate your words but when it comes down to it, you're work is a section in a personalized newspaper.

I'm not a friend
Friends have their own agendas, their own lives, their own turmoil. I'm looking for partners, who's mutual survival is intertwined with my own.

I'm no author
My thoughts are splashed here each day like a kid with a crayon. No mommy, no daddy, no tree, no house. Just startups, techniques and tools.

I'm a Founder

I'm all of the above, but I'm a Founder first.