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First Post from Android, a Taste of Freedom

17 Jul 2010

It feels like a lifetime ago when I decided to make my next mobile an Android phone. I picked up a Droid X Thursday and unfortunately I am once again on a platform which I don't have root access on. It's only a matter of time before some crafty Android OS folks discover a way to bypass the security. It's still baffling why I can't have administrative privileges on my hardware by default. There's a market opportunity for any hardware and software packages which are capable of providing root by default as well as commoditizing wireless bits.

Biggest pro for even my restricted access Droid X thus far: much more choice for core features. I'm typing on Better Keyboard which flows a little smoother than the default while listening to music on JustPlaylists (I optionally donated to the dev by purchasing the $2 version ). The biggest breakthrough is being able to copy files directly to the device without a middle man getting in the way (iTunes). Worst case I can swap handsets to get an HTC Incredible which is already rooted easily with Unrevoked3.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

With greater flexibility  comes the responsibility to discover and understand one's options. That's not an insult to the default android options, they're just not as polished as most iOS alternatives. The flip side is that android enables customization that is impossible within unrooted iOS devices (i.e. select your favorite carrier).

I'm still considering going with a data only package and combining VOIP with Google Voice. The first step to introducing sanity into mobile data is eroding the artificially inflated price of voice and SMS bits. The second step to wireless internet disruption is making packets fluidly flow through the cheapest wireless carrier at any given time and place. I anxiously look forward to that day which is sure to come.