Victus Spiritus


Open the Factory Doors, Let in the Breeze and Sunshine

28 Jul 2010


What we wrap most tightly, gains the greatest benefit by being let go.

The act of letting go of ideas here each morning has brought much peace and energy into my life. I've met fine folks who've influenced my worldview with their generous contributions. This lead me to wonder what else I keep bundled up, either out of fear or simply through not knowing any better.

Open Source RPG System

My friend Aakin and I (along with generous contributions from Eli and feedback from others) have spent thousands of hours creating, modifying, play testing, and finally editing a game called Children of the Ark or COTA for short. It's a breath away from our first publishing but has been on hold since Aakin has been busy tracking down work. I'd like to release the game in a way that players can share home brewed modifications and even feed back the most popular mods to us for follow on releases.