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Locate the Minimize Button for Exhaustion

10 Aug 2010

Exercise daily. That's the best advice I can give. The rest of the post is what drains my batteries each day and why.

Mental and Physical Exhaustion

Once the glassy eyed daze of exhaustion sets in, it's too late. My productivity is either zero or negative (introduce more errors than value). Most nights after my day job I'm left exhausted*. Although that's only three days out of the week, those are three more nights I could be getting more effective work done. Never are there enough hours in the day to find a breakout market fit or develop an app with genuine value.

Startup Stuff that's important to me

These are a few of my favorite things:

I can always find an important task that falls to the floor each week, and have accepted it as a way of life. If it's not catastrophic it probably wasn't as important as I thought.

If you got this far I'll share my secret weapon, my irreplaceable market advantage. I always save enough energy to give my wonderful wife Michelle a huge bear hug each night and each morning before we part ways.

*= my Monday-Wednesday schedule is 4:30-5am read/wakeup, exercise for 3 hours and write a post, then work until 7:30pm after which I go home to eat dinner. I can muster enough energy to work one of those three nights.