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Laid Up with Time to Take Stock

13 Aug 2010

A Grim Reminder that We're Biological Machines

Not rarely enough, our bodies remind us of just how machinelike we are by malfunctioning. My particular periodic malady is my lower back. Just about once per year (or two if I'm lucky) it decides to go on strike. The guilty pleasure that leads to this is no doubt my excessive walking* combined with overdosing on energy drinks and my size. The area becomes stiff and non-responsive making anything but lying on my back an excruciating labor, even sitting is only bearable for a few minutes after the minute or two spent struggling to achieve that position.

Needless to say, the trip to the doc to get anti inflammatories (muscle relaxants) is not one I look forward to. What I am optimistic about is the relief I'll have by tomorrow. It's a wonderfully liberating feeling having a great pain lifted.

The Good News

For the next day or two I'll have time away from my regular hike-a-thon, programming, and my normal schedule. This humble reprieve enables me to take stock of things. I appreciate all the wonderful gifts life has granted me, as well as the small tokens I've worked hard for. Having time to reflect is a gift in of itself, albeit a painful one. I wish each of you very little time for reflection this year, stay healthy!

*= I can't impart how great of a habit walking ~80miles a week is. It makes the rest of each day much better and I'll miss it dearly while my back recovers.