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Who's Brad Feld?

16 Aug 2010

Brad Feld co-founded Foundry Group and is an active investor in early stage information technology companies. He also co-founded TechStars which is a nexus for startups in the Boulder area. Out of 600 applicants only 10 get in each year, and those 10 are exposed to a wide range of experienced entrepreneurs that work closely with them over 90 days to perfect their early product and pitch. You can read more about Brad's background at his blog Feld Thoughts, but here are a few videos that give you a great feel for the way Brad thinks and invests.

Why Startups Should Care

Besides Mr. Feld's heavy involvement in multiple layers of business creation, he projects an undeniable ambition for startup growth and not just the ones he invests in. While I've only read a dozen or two posts from Feld Thoughts, his coverage of Term Sheets and the Founder's Visa Movement are commendable. The videos I watched today about Brad were a tipping point in earning my attention. I'll continue to tune in to Feld's Thoughts and recommend him to friends.

Robert Scoble Interviews Brad

TechZulu coverage of Mark Suster and Brad Feld

Longer in Depth Video (1hr20min), this week in venture capital
Brad Feld, Mark Suster and Dan Rumineck (of GRP Partners)