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The Elusive Nature of Success

19 Aug 2010

Stumbling into an amazing business opportunity is the result of good fortune. But recognizing, maintaining and growing that business takes more than luck. Like most games, building a healthy business requires sharp strategy and tactics, an ample supply of guided energy, and inexhaustible will.

The good news for today's founders, the deck is stacked in our favor. We have open access to the thoughts and related experiences of generous business leaders who've taken on the role of bloggers. This has resulted in more advice at our finger tips than we'll ever have time to read. The challenge is finding great advice for your company now, which is no easy task because...

No two startups have the same trajectory

The unique nature of startups is both fascinating and frustrating. Fascinating because there's always more to understand, and frustrating because they defy abstraction into successful patterns. When Jason Cohen suggests getting 10 paying customers, or Steve Blank talks about the customer development model, or Kevin Kelly say's to attract 1000 true fans, or Fred Wilson describes traction as 100 thousand monthly visitors they may all be right, but wrong for your startup.

One pattern I can clearly see in successful startups: The less they look and feel like other businesses, the closer they are to becoming real.