Victus Spiritus


Early Stage Investors, Prepare to Write a F$$king Check

24 Aug 2010

*update*: Additional market research revealed that the moving sale market wasn't quite ready for mobile interfaces or a more technology driven market, and after a gut check neither my cofounder nor I was passionate enough to push through and own the transformation of the garage sale industry.

The 15 Second Pitch:

The bulk of the classified market can and WILL be tied to location and interest. With GarageDollar we will develop and execute this model at scale with optimal speed and efficiency

Mr. & Mrs. Money, Shake Up Your Thousand Dollar Pens and Get Ready to Swing for the Stadium Lights

I'll be refining my pitch and knocking on doors until year end, or we lock in sufficient funds. Whoever you are, whatever stage of investing you specialize in, this is a deal not to be passed lightly. I strongly believe early investors take the greatest risk and deserve the greatest multiplier in successful outcomes. If you're serious about investing and ready to talk, you can contact me anytime of day or night at messel at or (six three one) 403-0178 and I'll enthusiastically respond as soon as is humanly possible. I'm located on the east coast an hour out of Manhattan. I'm willing to travel to speak with eager investors.

The 60 Second Pitch

Victus Media is on the bleeding edge of web application development. I know there's a market, I see it everyday I walk past cardboard signs, see a local newspaper listing, or craigslist moving sales (which are full of spam). This market is only going to grow with lean times. Rain or shine, towards the end of this year I'll put funding out of my mind, and dive deep into product support and refinement with technical ninja and chief hacker Tyler Gillies. He eats backend servers for breakfast with Steel Technical Chops.

We can better serve this market.

Personal reasons for urgency, and renewed sense of doing One Thing

Old habits die hard

Fear of not having steady income gripped me when my day job vanished. With unemployment rates skyrocketing, and much of my expertise in an area I'm eager to move on from, the image of years of joblessness hit me like a punch in the gut. My wife, my home, my life all felt fragile and at great risk. What kind of man am I, if not self sufficient?

Forked Up Beyond All Recognition

I reflexively pinged my contacts and friends to see if they had any job opportunities matching my desired work area and skill set. Good news, a couple of friends had information about positions, one of which sounded like an excellent match to my interests (startup biz development). A job matching agency came across my HackerNews post, and requested a current resume.

My resume is gathering cobwebs (people still use them?) so I hacked together an updated version and sent it out. I should have been happy right? But something felt all wrong. Like deja vu, I was aware of a glitch in the matrix. These reactions were all the product of fear. Yielding to fear is the guy I used to be, not the man I've become. I'm hell bent on a mission.