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The road to recovery is long, back is still outta whack

02 Sep 2010

Please forgive the lack of a post yesterday, I skipped my usually walk and writing combo and went into work early instead. I double posted Tuesday with a quick update on garagedollar going live. Keeping a rhythm of writing daily riffs is a style and form that works well for me. I find daily blogging is a great habit for a host of reasons*.

I'm at the doc this morning getting my back examined. I decided to get checked out after a marathon of pain 3 mile walk with my wife yesterday evening. That type of walk is normally a few moments of relaxation for me, but felt like an eternity of effort. I listened to my body's warning signals, "somethings outta whack", and am hoping the specialists can figure out what's wrong. My main objective is to ensure my pain isn't a sign of something more serious. I just heard back and my bones are all in the right place. My X-rays were clear, so it's likely soft tissue damage (injured muscles), which is comforting news.

Looking forward to getting back to my normal state of health and high functionality asap. There is work to be done! Jesse Ventura captured my sentiment best from the Predator, "I ain't got time to bleed".

*= regular blogging is great for developing stronger communication and writing skills. I highly value connecting with folks who share my enthusiasm for startups, web dev, and the evolution social technology.