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23 Sep 2010

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Trey Ratcliff shares more beauty than I could have imagined, and he does so with only a single eye"][/caption]
Update twitter has released a version of this concept by sharing follow views

*update* to clarify, I'm thinking out loud about a new app design

I'm hashing out a new application this morning in my usual fashion. It's the byproduct of hyper enthusiasm and dream infused information gluttony, or curiosity to the refined reader*. This is what happens when you get startup fever, waves of hopeless desperation followed by inspirational ideas who's manifestation you can see with vivid clarity.

Today's application begins where the heart is, by bringing the best stuff home. Create, curate, and filter media and have it all available in your living room. I'm not referring to you're real living room, but a virtual one, which to add to the confusion can reside in your real living room. It may exist on remote web servers, your laptop, mobile phone, tablet or wherever else the architecture can work the bare metal. I'll share more details as the application develops. An integral aspect is that you can share a merged view of self created content or social information you track. If enabled, anyone can replicate your view and see the Internet through your eyes.

Here are the pieces that have to come together for this mad scheme to work.

The best part is, I'm leveraging brilliant tech architects to handle all the hard bits, leaving me to hammer triangular pegs into hexagonal holes. Gotta leave space for growth, a lesson learned from basic line numbering on the TI99.

*= who knows, I may have a couple. Far be it from me to frighten off a classy reader.