Victus Spiritus


Lazy Saturday Mornings are my Religion

25 Sep 2010

I bucked my regular trend. Instead of waking up at 5, reading, grabbing breakfast at Panera Bread with Michelle, a 3-4 hour walk, then coding and doc reading, I did something entirely different. I sat.

Left over Chinese satiated my appetite while I sat like a lump on the couch. Now I've extended my morning leisure into adventure filled territory. I setup a beach chair on the patio in the backyard. Still no hike with only 26 minutes of morning left. The sun feels incredible and the air smells fresh, mixed with clean laundry odor pumping out of a vent nearby.

Should be moving

Should be walking

Should be reading, writing, and developing

The income that has sustained my lifestyle thus far, is part of a contracting industry in a field cut off from web development and social information networks. My position was extended a little longer at my engineering job with no immediate threat of layoff. I got a few more inches added to the plank, but my instinct is to dive into the ocean. I'll learn to swim, I want to, I have to, and I just might like it.

The last bastion of autonomy in a world drowning in priority task lists, project management software, emails, analytics, product features, and presentations.

Amen to lazy Saturday mornings.