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Tired of Ads and Shitty Content? Click Everything

17 Oct 2010

I'm tired of the ad supported model for crappy web content. I don't feel it's working to support high quality information, or informed decision making. I'd like to suggest a simple change in activity that can correct the failure of the current ad supported content system, and it's not ad block. Click every ad on worthless pages. Seriously click every ad on a page that frustrates you. Drown the page in clicks but don't sign up or buy anything. Devalue each click into non existence for that web property. They won't get repeat advertisers if your click spam turns into nothing, and either they'll get better content or die off.

Why negative reinforcement is important to the web's health

Terrible content should be made to suffer or it grows unchecked. Here's the fuel that fed my rant on national click deflation. I felt nothing but disgust after reading lobbyist Maury Litwack's guest post on TechCrunch. Maury suggests that the United States' ability to compete globally in green tech is failing without government subsidies and lobbyist influence. Mr. Litwack is stating that capitalism has failed. In sharp contrast I believe that most of the industry is too irrational for prudent private investment. Exceptions like Tesla Motors have been able to raise significant private funding as well as pursuing low interest federal loans.

I've got nothing personal against Maury, but his suggestion that large scale social change requires professional lobbying, government funding and bureaucratic control is a smack in the face to both capitalism and liberty, and is just plain wrong. Maury, please consider sharing your socialist policies and perpetuating big gov in political rags, I'm sure their readership would appreciate your point of view. My response to Mr. Litwack and TechCrunch is born out of frustration with the current relationship between private business and government.

Adequate government representation by fee, is the end of government

Has our nation's bureaucracy become so bloated, and its elected officials so incompetent that they're unable to make decisions and implement change to support the country's economy? Why should startups and corporations in pursuit of broad scale social change be required to hire a staff of lobbyists to push their agenda? Even though historical government non-involvement in private investing clearly benefits the long term security and stability of the nation, political parasites invent new ways to funnel more money into their own pockets. Perhaps lobbyists understand capitalism far more than I give them credit for, they've turned our democracy into a profitable business.