Victus Spiritus


Seasonal Model for Web Perspectives

19 Oct 2010

Winter: Technical Execution

Hacker minds dwell on clarity of code form, models, and data interfaces. A resolute hacker's mind is like cold steel. They ignore all else, even their own environment as time bends around them

Spring: Ease of Use, Verdant Growth

Designer minds explore elegance, form, and above all user interfaces. Never satisfied with a malformed div, a shallow gradient or unnecessary cruft, the designer is the waking dreamer

Summer: Serendipitous Seeker

Casual browser minds revolve around social connectivity, entertainment, and discovery. Time vanishes as links are traversed and content rabidly consumed. Their only motivation, to drink deeply of the finest free information in whatever form it manifests. Like blades of growing grass each browser has unique and changing criteria for relevance

Fall: Task Driven Search

Client minds focus on a problem they're working to solve, everything else is noise. Time is their constant enemy, a wall that drives them forward, the harbinger of judgement

Which season do you most relate to?

Most of us have affinity to certain perspectives over others, but no season exists in absence of the others. At a given time we see through a blend of these views. No doubt a few disciplined masters excel by quieting competing voices and focusing on a single mode.

While working with web applications, we can all benefit by taking a few moments to understand the needs and outlooks of each perspective. It's even more important to recognize clearly which view mode(s) will be most dominant for the audience you are serving.