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A Man on a Mission, Jeff Miller adds new structure to HackerNews

09 Nov 2010

Catching up on startup/tech news after a few days fighting off a cold, I came across an update from Jeff Miller

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In Jeff's post he goes on to describe a few hashtags he automatically adds based on specific parameters.

What we're seeing is another rich layer of information. First social filter sites like HackerNews built up a fan base of reviewers with solid ground rules. Then folks like Jeff saw value in tracking the posts with at least X upvotes and sending them to a feed or twitter accounts for asynchronous consumption. Now analytics are being added about the author, rate of social approval change, and engagement. I see no reason why this trend should slow down. We should expect much richer information working its way into our news feeds.

Getting a cozy fit for information will take time and effort

Personalization takes work. We won't get exactly the flavor of information we want unless we spend time training knowledge systems about our tastes. Another HN regular Nathan Marz had to punt on the Blekko search engine because it wasn't yielding the quality of keyword results he was accustomed to.

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