Victus Spiritus


Hunting the Miracle of Motivation

10 Nov 2010

Each day I awaken with an uneasy feeling deep in the pit of my gut. I can't shake the sensation that I'm stalking the ghost of a force man was never meant to hold onto.

What I'm after is the key to unbounded motivation and energy, the very power that animates us as living and loving beings. But where does such an abstract feeling reside, and in what form does it manifest?

Worthy Challenges

I have tracked motivation's trail to community foundation, in particular company formation. Building and leading a business with a measurable and lasting impact on society is a cause worth fighting for. The act of creation draws the finest efforts from founders and amplifies their greatest flaws. This sharp mix is the alluring call of the startup for me. The challenge, to manifest a functional organization dedicated towards a singular purpose, yet composed of chaotic elements in pursuit of unique motive forces. Are we not each the king and queen of our own dreams? What cause is worthy enough to bring Kings together at a single table?

Sure Footing on a Rocky Road

The path of the startup is fraught with pitfalls. There are enough traps on each step of the trail, that many have found solace by cutting their own swath through the thickets. The distraction I'm intimately familiar with is the Techno Trap.

Technology is both a solution to real problems and an endless sinkhole for exploration. We can't possible understand the nuances of all the patterns that are conjured each month. Distinguishing between essential tools and distractions is a skill each builder must master. Curiosity, a source of inspiration in it's own right, would lead us down every branch to determine if there is value to be extracted from the experience. The need to understand, to know, requires tempering with a discriminating voice, our judgment.