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It's never finished until you are

17 Nov 2010

How far you take a project is unknown until the moment you yield

Projects are slippery propositions. They start as little more than light notions, yet develop into obsessions before you realize how deeply you're committed to seeing them through. There aren't hard completion dates for the driving purpose attached to your project. Sure fiscal runway, deadlines and product deliveries are all real, but the fantastic vision that starts as a spark in your minds eye only ceases if you let it go. And that goal can outlast companies, partnerships, and even you.

What's going on in my world

I'm traveling across country today to tag along with my wife, who's attending a biology conference for work. Southwest has paid wifi on the second leg only, and self seating. We drew the short straw and ended up nearly last on the plane, separating us on the Chicago to SFO leg. The leg room leaves much to be desired for a creature of my size (6'7"). We'll be in San Jose this evening.