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Where do you get your best work done?

26 Nov 2010

Mind in Motion
For me, there's no better place for thinking than a long walk. When I write a post from my desktop it's a struggle in comparison. What takes 45 minutes while walking, most of that time rereading and editing, can take hours while sitting at home in front of the desktop.

When it comes to consuming information the tables are turned. I can read much more at home and the browser is far more capable on my desktop than on my phone. The desktop screen real estate enables incredible full screen applications like videos or carefully columnized ebooks or blogs. For educational videos I prefer my iMac, a rich conduit for screen casts and tutorials. For lighter video watching the ideal place is the living room, which I don't spend much time in on my days off. A macmini and ps3 provide all the horsepower we need to watch dvds, bluerays or our predominant video source, streaming. Netflix has conquered the living room in our home.

Coding euphoria has eluded me over the past few weeks, and it's arguably the most important product of my time. I never felt more motivated to develop than when I was sitting in the back of the second level of Caltrain heading from Stanford to San Jose. The only missing ingredient was sustained wifi, but everything else was ideal: motion, quiet background white noise, cozy space. As far as software utilities go, I feel a cultural fit with sammy on couch app, but haven't used it yet beyond the simplest of intro apps. Beyond that tight framework, I can see the appeal of couch apps built with node.js, and will find a good walkthrough today.

The spark for this post, a TED talk from Jason Fried of 37 signals on why work doesn't happen at work: