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After Thanksgiving, Turkey's a Four Letter Word

27 Nov 2010

There was a bit of a mixup this holiday where both my pop, and my wife both purchased turkeys. The plan was for us to cook and transport the turkey to my folks place Thursday. Three days ago we found out about the dueling birds which left us distraught (not very) and torn over what the heck to do with the unfrozen behemoth in our fridge. Was our only recourse to fire the bird out of a giant slingshot in hopes of crushing pigs, effectively swapping turkey for bacon?

The Post Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner Party
My gracious friends are hosting a pot luck dinner where there's only one rule:

Would you guys (and SOs) be interested in doing an "anything but Turkey" post Thanksgiving potluck at our place next Saturday?

You would think following this one simple constraint would be an easy task. Not for Mark Essel, the man who can make a mountain out of any mole hill. I decided to do the unthinkable today, cook another turkey. This is Michelle's and my first turkey so we're trying hard not to screw it up. We started out right by pulling out the neck and giblets, washing and rubbing salt on the turkey (that was all Michelle), and then seasoning with Adobo (all me) before dropping it in a cooking bag and hurling it into a preheated oven. It smells really good, so at least at this point in time it's probably not ruined. We failed to place a meat thermometer in the bird, so there's still every possibility we can overcook it.

Even in the wake of a Thanksgiving feast, I could go for some fresh turkey. How about you?