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The Big Startup Lie

08 Dec 2010

The danger in telling a lie often enough is that you start to believe it

A variation of the Big Lie is the story you keep on repeating. No matter how outlandish the claim, as you reiterate it over and over it begins to build a groove in your psyche. As you hit each cue and assumption of the tale, what was once just a fantasy gains more credibility in your thoughts. It begins to take form and shape from the unbelievable to the delusional, or so we are told to believe.

It's only a lie if you don't deliver

This is where startups defy reality like a boulder breaking a raging river. The first law of a new business is that delivery trumps deception. The classic example is a tiny company appearing larger when it's only got one customer. Instead of getting discovered as being a fraud, the team delivers a superb product. A business not only meets, but exceeds wild claims by providing an extraordinary new product or service. Even if the prototype/beta is held together with duck tape and rubber bands on the inside, as far as the rest of the world is concerned your product is every bit as real as the chairs they sit in or the bread they eat. Sure the service may be flaky, but that's where redesigns and optimization come in.