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Love Instapaper? You'll dig

09 Dec 2010

The Deal
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The gist of the brief post Kevin linked to:

The takeaway here is that there’s really no avoiding the “deal” monster. If you want people to follow and friend you, you’re going to have to throw them a bone now and then. 10% off an order, free shipping, free samples, buy 1 get 1 – but you should mix it up.

So here it is.
The deal of the day,
I'm giving away.

Sign up for the rapidly growing social filtering and suggestion engine, Kevin Marshall is helping found the service and in the past couple of months I've seen rapid UI and internal iterations that show significant effort on the tool. My master plan is to barter sign ups for a cheeseburger at our next luncheon, and I already owe Kevin a lunch or two. You'll be doing me a favor by taking advantage of this great info toolkit.

My personal use of the service has been to trace through links I've bookmarked before with one script. I use it as a memory extender. I augmented the and instapaper scripts to hit both services with a single button.

You can get your Instpaper ID and from their stand alone bookmarklets after signing up with both services.