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Chromium Updater Updated

11 Dec 2010

This morning I determined it was a good time to check for a new release and build for chromium. Low and behold my handy ChromiumUpdater from an old TechCrunch post or a zipped dmg failed to function. I went back to the post via a LifeHacker mention but the script was gone. It was time I dig in a little and find out precisely what the application was doing to see where it was going wrong. After all, how hard could remaking a little copy and install script be?

After a quick search I found a couple of helpful posts. One by shad to give me the basis for my shell script. The next step was to convert the shell script into a one click desktop application. I called the shell script directly from AppleScript since the appify method was no longer supported.

do shell script "/path/to/"

I was in luck Thomas Aylott's handy appify script and Mathias Bynen's post helped make that happen.

After walking through the script line by line, it turns out the snapshot location and directory structure was changed by the chromium project folks. Luckily they left a nice href in the curl (classy chromium folks) to the old location which my earlier script was deleting. Here's a function script and gist:

Once you have the script working you can convert it to a Mac OS X desktop application with appify (presumed now to be installed in your path):

cat | appify ChromiumUpdater