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How we got robbed by Zazzle

19 Dec 2010

The short version
My wife ordered address labels for Christmas cards towards the end of October. The order was botched (half shipped), then eventually reshipped after a phone call by Michelle. This past Friday a second charge was added. I enjoyed the passion behind the stirring customer complaint, and found it well worth sharing.

Michelle's email to Zazzle

I have repeatedly emailed your company about your service, or lack thereof, and I should report your business to the Better Business Bureau for your billing ignorance! I am fed up with the way that you "handle" problems. Yes, I received my order, and, if you may note, on November 1st, my credit card was charged $36.84 for some labels that I ordered towards the end of October. It was bad enough that I had to contact your customer service to ask why it was over a month and I had not received them, and even then I only received half the order. I contacted Customer Service again regarding the other half of the order (see below) and I was informed that " We can surely get them reprinted and shipped out as soon as possible, and I can request a refund for this line item as well as your original shipping costs.". Well, I received the rest of the order, which is not the problem. The problem is NOW I AM BEING CHARGED BY YOUR COMPANY AS OF 12/17 THE SUM OF $22.04.

WHAT KIND OF SCAM ARE YOU PEOPLE RUNNING?!?!? This is ridiculous and I expect a call from a manager or someone who has some idea what the hell is going on with this order. Why would you people CHARGE ME TWICE for the same item, WHEN I NEVER RECEIVED THE ITEM TO BEGIN WITH??

I am letting everyone I know not to use your "service", or DISservice as it is more like. It doesn't matter how small the order, the fact of the matter is that EVERY CUSTOMER is important. Obviously that is something that is severely lacking in your system...along with Quality Assurance.

9% of it's former customers agree. And yes we'd like some cheese with that wine.

follow up:
I was unable to find a way to delete my old Zazzle account through the interface. After searching I found a post from 2006 about how to submit an email to their customer service requesting account deletion. Way to capitalize on the failure, make it a pain in the ass to opt out. It's reminiscent of Facebook keeping zombie accounts alive unless the secret path to account deletion was used.