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End the hoard mentality

12 Jan 2011

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This riff complements an earlier post End Information Addiction and Digital Baggage, while shifting focus to possessions. Physical things have a tendency of growing into huge out of control mountains, if left unchecked.

Compulsive Hoarding

Instinct drives us to act as gluttons for consumables and possessions we crave. We're hard wired to associate pleasure and satisfaction with the states (imagined or real) that precede extremely positive sensations (endorphin rush). Reason dictates that poor eating habits and over expenditure leads to inevitable pain. Yet for many, the clear thinking portion of the mind is short circuited by voracious craving. Individual persona gives way to a hunger elemental.

What you really want is priceless

You can have everything, as long as everything is what you have. Another way of phrasing this fortune cookie wisdom, find satisfaction in the physical possessions you already own. Don't take a home, transportation, food, clothing, and nifty techno gadgets like a computer for granted. These few objects mean a lot when you don't have them. Beyond physical needs, there's far more to life than possessing the biggest pile of stuff at the end of the road.

Wisdom leads to confidence in relentlessly removing unbalanced desire which poisons the mind and disrupts emotional health.