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Why Startups hit a Cash Impasse after Growth

14 Jan 2011

One of the majorĀ risks for startups is failing to (sufficiently) monetize. App developers and service providers have a variety of methods for generating revenues at their disposal, but depending on the market, competitor pricing, and customer need, struggle to generate sufficient revenue for growth or even maintenance.


A freemium strategy focuses on growth by minimizing barriers to adoption of a compelling product. The zero entry cost minimizes the risk consumers take when adopting the new service. Yet without a solid link to premium plans and upselling, free products force companies to rely on alternative revenue streams such as third party advertising networks. Any intermediary between a business and its (potential) customers is a strategic vulnerability.

Which Free Apps and Services Would You Pay For?

There are a number of excellent apps and services that I gladly pay for when given the opportunity. As a user of unstable free services in the past, I appreciate when companies offer paid products as a welcome signal of business health and reliability. The products below all offer free access levels.