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Sharp start for Sunnytrail

17 Jan 2011

Sunnytrail is a new service dedicated to tracking business transactions (revenue, churn, lifetime value, arpu) through an API, and helping web companies focus on developing their own products instead of rewriting tracking utilities.

The following image is a glimpse at a sample dashboard.

The Overview tab captures top level metrics that matter such as total free vs paying users, monthly revenue and the average revenue per paying user. In addition there's a Stream tab with chronological activity and a Plans breakdown of transactions.

The API has supported sample code in Ruby, Python or PHP but shouldn't take much effort to pass your transaction data to Sunnytrail.

One of the immediate wins for Sunnytrail was sending me an instant message as I poked about their pricing page. Octav mentioned it was cool if I shared the IM, and I think it'll transmit a good vibe about how the company feels at this stage.

Octav: Hey, thank you for visiting! I'm one of the founders. Do you have any questions?

me: not yet, just checking out the site via the HN post

Octav: feel free to :)

me: nice touch with the live chat for visitors,
it's like being welcomed by a rep in a brick and mortar store

Octav: I love that
also a great opportunity to make friends

me: do you mind if I use this conversation in a blog post today?

Octav: sure and please forward me the post (Octav's company email is and is published on the site)

me: will do (, btw I'm Mark Essel, pleasure to meet you. I have little doubt you're off to a great start with Sunnytrail

Octav: thanks for your support!

Octav Druta here,

me: one of my web homes

Octav: oh, so you're passionate about data

me: ok gotta run, thanks for your time

Octav: cheers1

Hungry for more information about Sunnytrail? Check their official company blog for updates. Enjoy this slide deck in the meantime.