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Emergent Parasitic Super Organisms: Bureaucracies

01 Mar 2011

Have you ever witnessed a bureaucracy like this?

The purpose of a bureaucracy is to successfully implement the actions of an organization of any size (but often associated with large entities such as government, corporations, and non-governmental organizations), in achieving its purpose and mission, and the bureaucracy is tasked to determine how it can achieve its purpose and mission with the greatest possible efficiency and at the least cost of any resources

Daniel, Raphael, Eli, Patrick and Andre are a few sharp penpals of mine that enjoy asking each other questions (mostly Daniel) and discuss answers. Early this morning I caught up on Daniel's mention of a famous Algebra researcher who wasn't allowed to teach Algebra because he was hired by the Analysis department of his University. The discussion quickly converged on the features that plague bureaucracies in practice.

me: Such a shame, these nonsensical inherited systems which self propagate and become more complex with each generation. Bureaucracies sound like living things.

Patrick: They grow in complexity, eat time, reproduce by creating committees and shit paperwork. Sounds alive to me.

me: Worse yet, they consume the quality of our lives and cannot survive without our energy. They are a parasitic organism.

Yet many believe their complexity and cost is a necessary evil.

What would we do without them? Understand government?
Lead more meaningful and fruitful careers?
Have less meetings?
Disempower bullies?

I prefer rational discussion, or at least the pretense of persuasion to bureaucratic decree.

Bureaucracies are like anti-virus programs gone mad.

What do you think, am I being unfair too all the efficient and effective bureaucracies of the world? Please help me better understand these confusing social complexes.