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Mac/Unix Cyber Superhuman

08 Mar 2011

Are you looking for a miracle cyber superhuman that can untangle a rats nest of cables, resurrect your critical drive data, scale your web systems from one to a billion, and bake you a mean loaf of rye before the crack of dawn?

Look no further, your prayers have been answered.

A long time friend and colleague* has recently become a ronin IT professional. He's making a living by the sweat of his brow huddled over a keyboard and staring blissfully at tiny fonts on a dark themed screen into the wee hours of the morning. He has extensive experience in Mac/*nix system administration, cyber security, with recent specialization in compliance testing, configured cloud computing, and google hosted services. If you're hiring for temp work and need a remote force or are willing to pay for travel please send all inquiries to messel at gmail dot com and I'll immediately forward your contact information along. The professional I represent is located in Las Vegas.


* = we collaborated on a scifi rpg over a number of years

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