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Why's Poignant Guide to Ruby

22 Mar 2011

It's been sitting there staring at me with its cold damning eyes for several months. Most books have a way of becoming invisible after I've skimmed a few chapters and moved on, but not this one. At a quiet moment this morning, as I scanned empty tech news posts, I imagined the faint whispers of my ebook collection. Among them a single shiny voice stands out.

Why should you read Why's Poignant Guide to Ruby?

I'm feeling a little under the weather today*, which is a great time to get some reading done. I came across this old pdf floating around on the bottom shelf of my iBooks bookshelf. It's called Why's Poignant Guide to Ruby, but after digging in to the book I think you'll agree it's much more than just another programming language doc. Why was on a mission with this book, and somewhere out past the floating bits of the interweb, I imagine he's still on that mission. Do yourself a favor and put this pdf into your dropbox ebooks folder, add it to every iBookshelf you can, and set it on every desktop of every public computer you happen across as a gift to the curious ones.

Here's a great web home for the guide.
Feel free to fiddle with the odd resizing image code.

*= Today's particular brand of illness, spaced out + tummy woes