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Re-Theming Self, I remember why people dress up

11 Apr 2011

I dress like a chubby athletic hobo 350+ days out of the year, wearing shorts, a comfortable T-shirt, and seasonal long sleeve shirt layers. There are two goals in my attire, comfort and mobility. There are a handful of days a year where I can't escape wearing pants and a clean shirt or sweater. Those usual suspects include business travel and holidays.

It's been nearly twenty years since I began the quest for the most comfortable pants on Earth, and last year I thought I had found them in a pair of baggy dry fit sweats1. I couldn't fathom how humanity had evolved into this senseless sharp dressing business machine. Why don't we all dress for optimal mobility and comfort, what's the point of wearing layers of restrictive clothing and hard shoes?

As I flipped through Tumblr themes early this morning, struggling to find the perfect landing page to capture the essence of my present tastes and interests, a light bulb switched on2. People go through severe hardships and lifelong discomfort because they re-theme themselves daily. Sharp dressers wish others to receive a targeted impression of who they are with a clear objective and they've had historical success achieving this communication through clothing.

Yup, I had to wear a tux to my wedding.


  1. First year at college does strange things to one's priorities. And those dry fit pants are a little too loose and wide legged
  2. The LED light bulb in the picture is still a little pricey compared to alternatives. The breakeven point is rapidly approaching making it worthwhile to switch over

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