Victus Spiritus


Under the Tent Mesh

15 Apr 2011

I believe the cost of data is still too steep for wireless networks. Sure the price has been dropping per bit with faster 3G and 4G networks, but we're still paying for bits at indefensible margins (SMS is the worst offender). Based on that belief I don't have a wireless plan, and survive off of wifi networks for not only data but voice and messaging. While feasting on far too much sushi at Douzos just south of our Fairmont hotel I came across the following open network.

A single broadband connection is being sublet out for no cost to potentially many local nodes. I couldn't help but take this concept to it's logical extreme, a completely unregulated mesh network where all nodes were connected via other nodes. In a city like Boston or New York this is possible, while in more spread out cities like Los Angeles, or suburbs like my home in Suffolk County New York, this type of network is less likely.

The open global mesh could become a reality with repeater stations maintained by different individuals and organizations. Massive video data is routed through fiber optic cables today that an open mesh of wireless nodes would have difficulty routing globally. It's not that the air can't hold all the data, it's that the allowed spectrum is limited which can restrict long range communication. In addition the algorithms that perform distributed routing would require optimization for a highly dynamic network such as torrents and Kademlia hash tables.