Victus Spiritus


Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear, well, he eats you

22 Apr 2011


Some days you are the pawn

some days you are the player

other times you may be the master


the pawn

The role of the pawn is a powerless state pursued by masochists. Its ranks are filled by unfortunate souls who fall prey to manipulation and unrelenting students who seek greater skill.

The player

The player is differentiated from the pawn by knowledge, skill, and power, for they are wise fools. A player understands their environment and is often driven by a desperate plight to overcome an entrenched adversary, be it man or nature.

The Master

The master rarely encounters opposition outside of their own asymptotic path to perfection. They are not only supremely adept, but in order to become so they have achieved immeasurable self discipline or found harmony in chaos. Their execution is flawless, their style is legendary, yet they aren't omnipresent.

The question of when and where to act takes on dire significance to a master and those they encounter. Reality is reshaped in the wake of their path. Like butterfly wings, the master's effortless action irresistibly ripples the fabric of existence far removed in both space and time.