Victus Spiritus


Look to the Horizon

23 Apr 2011

I spend the majority of my waking moments filled with fear, frustrations, and dreams, and it's only in the haze of long hikes that I lose a sense of self. The most cherished gift imparted by long solitary walks is not the healthy exercise, the melodic meditative rhythm, or the time to capture and transcribe thoughts into words, it is the unhindered view of the horizon. I can see beyond my own small role, beyond my limited time here. I can feel the sun and rain and seasons sweep away the precious moments of my existence without a defiant scream to stop. The entirety of my life is not even a dot on the totality of time.

My profession as an engineer and fanatic interest in web development and startups yields countless hours alone to struggle with complex systems, simulations, and structures. I'm inclined to look inward for answers the same way I explore errors in code design and implementation, yet the most potent solutions are achieved by connecting isolated resources through enhanced communication. It's on rainy days like today when I'm huddled in front of my computer, that I'm reminded to look beyond the code and data, to see the horizon of purpose which beckons my best work.

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