Victus Spiritus


Oasis, Surviving the Desert of the Real

01 May 2011

(incredible line)
Enjoy this fortune cookie Sunday post.

Nomad, you've been wandering the desert for decades, what is your secret?

The nomad responds,
"You expect water?

Predict its coming,
Understand its flow, and always
Know that which you seek.

No, it's not water which I'm after. If it were I would have left the desert long ago.

What I seek is Thirst."

Every time I think I know exactly what I want, immediately something else bubbles up beneath the surface that I value far more. The common theme is freedom. The thinking goes, earn enough wealth, and you will be free. And yet...

money cannot purchase freedom from pursuing it

We all share a persistent search for purpose. Only through meaning, may we experience satisfaction in our life and labor. A moment of contemplation makes vividly clear the distinction between the pursuit of wealth, and directly nourishing that which we need, liberty.

After walking enough connected mazes the importance of this point is painfully clear. If we're unaware of the distinction between where our current path leads and where we truly wish to be, we are destined to wander without end. We have only one life to distinguish between that which is our water or our thirst, so it's critical we make efficient use of that dwindling resource.

An inner compass is our truest guide

You shouldn't accept anything I preach at face value, but I hope you hear my thoughts. I'm wise enough to know how foolish I am. A reminder of caution: be wary of anyone who exudes endless confidence, they're the most likely to lead you off a cliff.